Pastor Daryl Adams is married and has two sons. He was born in Watertown New York. He was saved in 1996. He was baptized at First Baptist Church of Black River in New York in 1996. He was licensed to the ministry in 1996. He also has degrees in history, social studies, education and a bible certificate. In 2008, he was ordained by Central Baptist Church in Aucilla Florida as Pastor. He has pastored Central Baptist Church since June 2008.

Pastor Daryl Adams

Pastor Daryl Adams and Family

Constitution and By-Laws

In order that the work of the Central Baptist Church Aucilla, Inc. and the duties of its membership may be performed orderly and effectively, and to the end that all church obligations and duties may be promptly met and attended to, the membership of this church, in conference adopted the following rules and regulations for the church’s guidance to be known as the Constitution and By-Laws of the church.

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Our Mission

The mission of Central Baptist Church is to foster and maintain a public worship of Almighty God, our Creator, to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, to uphold the doctrines and principles of our Southern Baptist faith, and to promote Christian fellowship and growth among its members; and to aide in the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as set forth in the Holy Bible, to the ends of the earth, promote holiness and the worship of God among its members and attendants, and the practice of Christian virtues as set forth in the Holy Scriptures; and to educate, prepare and ordain Christian men for the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and to provide appropriate religious education and training for its members and those attending its Bible teaching classes and other educational meetings; and to, acquire, either by gift, purchase or any other manner, and to hold, own, sell, mortgage or encumber in any manner, lease and improve real estate and personal property for itself and others, appropriate in carryout out the objects and purposes as set forth in this section; and the said incorporated church will be autonomous and independent of any outside ecclesiastical control. The government is vested in the body of believers who compose it. However, by consent of its members, it may cooperate and participate with various entities of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Florida Baptist Convention, various Southern Baptist Associations, other Baptist Churches, other religious, charitable, benevolent and educational groups and individuals to further any and all of the purposes set out herein.